Search by jurisdiction: none
Soft matching: yes
Signing dates: no sandwiching, year is not required
Transcribing: allowed

Anything whatsoever that's address related can be entered in the address field. Just a zip code is fine. A P.O. box is fine. It is only -a if the address is completely blank or dittoed. This means what would normally be deficient in other states, can be potentially soft matched in Alaska.

Some P.O. boxes are searchable. You can try the box number as if it were the house number.

Something needs to be filled out in the Identifier column. Don't analyze it. Just be sure something is there. It's -i if blank or dittoed.

Article IV Special

This is a peer review only assignment. Only review those lines listed. Do not add any tags or reset forms.

You will not be soft matching. If the name in the tag matches the petition, assume it is indeed a match and simply make sure it has some form of address and an identifier. It is also important to enter the correct signing date.

While transcribing is allowed in Alaska, the client is looking for evidence of fraud, so you will tag any overtly transcribed signatures as -t0.