Search by jurisdiction: county
Soft matching: no
Signing dates: none
Transcribing: only on city and zip

Circulator Declarations

The shorthand is the

  1. first letter of the first name
  2. first letter of last name
  3. first digit of house number
  4. first letter of street name
  5. first letter of city
  6. first letter of state
  7. full 5-digit zip code

Check the box if the circulator signed, enter the circulator's birthdate, and the signing date.


Neither city nor zip are required. There is no longer -c in Indiana.

Precinct and congressional district can be blank.

Some county roads may show differently in the database. Accept as a match.

(Example) Petition: 8250 W CR 800 N
Voter file: 8250 W County Road 8