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Circulator Declarations

The shorthand is the

  1. first letter of the first name
  2. first letter of the last name
  3. first digit of house number
  4. first letter of street name
  5. first letter of city
  6. first letter of state
  7. full 5-digit zip code


Ohio has nowhere to print a name on the petition. For most of the signatures, the circulator will have asked the signer to either squeeze their printed name in the same area as their legal signature or to print it on the line below. If the name was printed on the line below, remember to tag the line with the actual legal signature. Even if the signer did not print their name, if you can determine it from their legal signature, validate it. Only if both not printed and you cannot read the name from the legal signature should you tag -n0.

Ohio is supposed to have only one county per page, but there is no dedicated place to write the county for each form. Select the county most commonly written as the designated county for that page. If there is an equal split, choose the first county listed. The other counties, tag -o0.

Wrong or missing county per signature = -o0. You will know it's wrong, because it's not the plurality county on that page.

"Yo" is sufficient for City of Youngstown.