South Dakota

Search by jurisdiction: no
Soft matching: yes
Signing date: no sandwiching, year is required
Transcribing: allowed

Circulator Declarations

The shorthand is the

  1. first letter of the first name
  2. first letter of last name
  3. first digit of house number
  4. first letter of street name
  5. first letter of city
  6. first letter of state

Check the box only if the circulator signed their name.

Enter the date notarized, and check the boxes only if the notary signed their name and stamped the form, and enter the expiry date.


Double initials (e.g. J H Smith) are deficient.

County, city and signing date are required per voter. County must also match the voter file and is displayed in brackets (e.g,, [county]). A mismatched or missing county is -o.

Many addresses in the db have no house number. For those, any house number on the petition will count as a hard match.

P.O. boxes are permitted as addresses and are never deficient in South Dakota, but can only be a match if the voter is registered at that P.O. box in the voter file. A P.O. box on the petition cannot be a soft match unless a P.O. box is also in the db.

General Delivery in the db is a wild card that can match to any address written on the petition. It can match a PO box on the petition only if the city is not one of the following:

The county of Oglala Lakota was formerly named Shannon. Treat Shannon County voters as Oglala Lakota voters.