Search by jurisdiction: locality
Soft matching: no
Signing dates: sandwiching allowed, year not required
Transcribing: allowed

Circulator Declarations

For Virginia, the circulator shorthand is the

  1. first letter of the first name
  2. first letter of last name
  3. first digit of house number
  4. first letter of street name
  5. first letter of city
  6. first letter of state in the second slot
  7. first letter or number of driver's license number
  8. first letter of driver's license state
  9. first digit of ssn
  10. full 5-digit zip code

Only presidential candidates have the state listed twice and ask for circulator ID. For other types of candidates, enter the first letter of the state in the address line five times in a row (i.e., if Virginia is the state, enter vvvvv to span all the stuff that is missing on the other candidates).

The notary shorthand is the

  1. first letter of State of
  2. first letter of County/City of
  3. first letter of first name of Person circulating or by (should be same as name above, but enter whatever is written)
  4. first letter of last name
  5. first digit of registration number (this can be in the stamp or written; it does not have to be written)

Enter the sworn date and the notary commission expiration date (a.k.a. expiry). The expiry can be pulled from the stamp or written; it does not have to be written.

Check each box if signed by the circulator, signed by the notary, and stamped by the notary.


The jurisdiction to search by is written at the top of each form, either in the designated spot if it's page 1 or above the candidate's name if page 2.

Neither city nor zip are required. There is no -c0.

Dittos are allowed.